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Make no mistake, the so-called follow-ups, follow people, are a fundamental and totally legal part of the work of the private detective. Today we are going to talk about it a bit.

The truth is that today I have been surprised thinking about how little we have talked about the follow-ups in this blog considering how important they are for the work of the detective and the amount of time we invest in them. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

People tend to identify detectives as follow-up professionals and seem to believe that we are only dedicated to this. It is not entirely true, but neither are they so misguided.



The follow-ups are the Swiss army knife of the detectives, they serve for everything, and to a greater or lesser extent you end up using them in almost all kinds of services. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.


Let's see the most common:


That detective of the comic films that hide behind hedges, trees and lampposts is the classic image that comes to mind when we talk about detectives following couples kissing in the light of the moon in Central Park.

In reality, there are usually romantic walks at sunset, but rather escapes running at noon or at the time of going to the gym (sweat come back of course). And romanticism rather little, especially in public.

Investigating infidelities is more a matter of day than of night, contrary to what many people think and they are not, at all, the simplest investigations. The person accused of infidelity, whether it is as if he or she has been accused many times of not being, is always "with the fly behind the ear" in case they follow him.

Obviously, this is accentuated if the encounter with your lover is imminent so it is essential to have experienced before facing these orders and always be clear that it is better to leave the monitoring than to be detected. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



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It is a very requested service, especially with distributors or commercial agents. Follow a dealer throughout his day and see where and what download is a particular type of tracking. They are many hours and the investigated person is used to looking in the rearview mirror at the time of stopping to download.

Following commercials is usually easier, especially because, in practice, when we are asked to follow them, it is because there are suspicions that they waste a lot of time and are usually confirmed. We used to follow them to the snack bar and even, at work, to their house. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



It is the classic assignment that both mutual of workers and companies make to us. The issue of feigned losses is a real blight for both companies and the social security fund.

One would think that given the high cost it has for the state (I mean for you) it would be much better controlled. Well, no. It is a clueless lane look where you look. Either they take charge at a private level or they do not act.

Some will think that to say this is to place me "against doctors" and nothing is further from the truth, medical professionals are the first to hire us for these issues at the mutual level. In general, a mutual hire you when there is a suspicion on the part of one of your doctors of the exaggeration of symptoms.

About what you find when you follow them ... then you can expect everything. I believe that I have seen more physical prowess on the part of people of low than in the Olympics. Medals deserve some, although I do not say what. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



In mercantile investigations, in locations, in divorces, in ... In the end, at one time or another, you almost always end up following someone, so identifying "detectives" with "follow-ups" is quite accurate. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



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There are three basic types of tracking, two of them totally legal and one almost totally illegal:



Very common in the central areas of large cities and as the start and end of almost all follow-ups. The correct handling of distances and keeping track of the researched in large crowds of people or turning corners are the keys to this type of monitoring. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



Following vehicles in motion is an indisputable part of our work. Experience, driving skills, knowledge of the area and a bit of luck in the randomness of traffic will be essential factors in a motor track.

Although they are moments of greater tension, the car provides us with protection and discretion to record more easily. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.




Ideal to follow someone who moves within an aeromodelling field, because in the rest of situations or are of dubious legality or directly illegal.

The short duration of its battery, the interference caused by the Wi-Fi networks of the houses, the total prohibition to record over inhabited areas or its lack of zoom make the tracking of people through private drones is now pure science fiction.

They can be useful and legal tools in certain circumstances, as for example when the researched one moves on a yacht along the coast or is hiking in the mountains, but they are far from being the universal panacea. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



These are gps locators that, subject to a magnet or similar to a vehicle, transmit by phone and in real time the location and transfers of the same. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.




Recent legal changes mean that the previous jurisprudence is in question, so even if the basic criteria of proportionality and efficiency are met, the legality of the use of these devices by detectives is not clear at present. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



A "limpet" or gps locator indicates more or less accurately the location of a vehicle but rarely detectives follow vehicles, we follow the people who go inside them.

It is enough that the researcher does not take the car that day so that the whole plan goes to hell or that the parks in a crowded area and leaves the vehicle before the researcher arrives to make it a lost day.

Tunnels, underground parking areas or areas with poor coverage can cause confusing signals that are more than help. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



There have been cases in which clients have commented to me on authentic barbarities of research reports made only on the basis of GPS locations.

Very comfortable, yes, what to expect on the couch at home watching Ana Rosa Quintana, to the car to move and take positions of gps to, with total imprudence, then claim that this or that person moves in it. Of shame for the profession. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



It would be the exception to the uselessness and illegality of GPS locators, the control of a typical fleet of goods transport vehicles or commercial vehicles of the company.

In these cases, where the follow-up is so long, it is convenient to leave the service from time to time and resume after a few minutes or follow the vehicle out of sight and approach only when it deviates from the established route.

Here it is legal and useful to have access to GPS, as long as its use has been communicated to workers beforehand. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



Few things violate more laws than this, from the protection of privacy to the protection of the integrity of communications.

If someone still doubts the legality of controlling his partner through a spy program on his mobile phone, he tries hard to ignore the law, an effort that can be rewarded with a long prison term.

If in addition to spying on your partner you are a man who is going to fall you will be fat and a crime of harassment will not get rid easily. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



Let's see, at a basic level, some of the techniques for a follow-up to be effective.





It consists of not following in the first instance but the first day you only dedicate it to collect data of the type to make sure of which car it drives, to see in which direction it usually goes, to make a brief follow-up to see what is your driving style, etc.

Personally, I use it almost always in labor issues or in those that "lack data", and it is not at all a lost day but, on the contrary, ends up resulting in a greater final effectiveness and a significant decrease in the risk of being hunted. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.



Apart from dressing as you saw the people of the area in which you are, the camouflage is more a matter of attitude and forms. It matters less to see you than to see what you are doing.

A researcher can see you a hundred times and never suspect you or see you and be clear about what you do.

In these subjects the attitude is paramount and it is not the same to see someone who seems clueless and "to his ball" that someone in tension pending your movements. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.




Knowing when to approach and when given space is the key to good follow-up. The experience and having clear your objectives help to know when is the right time to be close and when it is convenient to give space to people. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.




It has happened to all the detectives to follow someone 10 meters away and to turn a corner has disappeared as if by magic.

If you do not want to have cases of "abduction" of this style, you should try not to lose sight of the person you are following. Sometimes it is not enough to know that you have entered that bar, because that bar can have an exit that you do not know.

Most of the times you lose someone is "just at that moment when I did not see him". Minimize those moments. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.


Activities of a Private Investigator

Tasks vary depending on the experience of a detective. Someone who specializes in intellectual property investigates the theft, counterfeiting or usurpation of a trademark. In New York, for example; Some owners hire investigators to determine if their tenants are violating leases. In such cases, the investigators seek physical evidence, violations or infractions such as subletting or using the residence for purposes other than those established in the contract.

Finding the perpetrator of an unresolved crime may seem to have little in common with a background check or finding reasons for a tenant's eviction. But all of them involve the same basic task: gathering information and organizing the facts.

The solution of a case begins with planning and analysis, every researcher must:


●        Discuss the case with the client and determine if it is legal, ethical and possible to resolve. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Prepare a plan and a budget to gather the necessary information. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Execute the investigation and collect the evidence. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Analyze the evidence. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.


●        Inform the client of the results. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.


A good private investigator uses multiple sources of information to solve a case. The most common source is surveillance and monitoring. The basic idea behind surveillance is simple - follow the objective where you are going and with whom you meet. In fact, the surveillance may not be so simple, it is usually a long, tedious process and with no possibility of rest.

Surveillance often involves skill with a camera and long hours in the car.

They can also interview suspects and witnesses, although the person interviewed has no legal obligation to speak with the investigator.

For this reason, the process often involves time spent building relationships around the interviewee. In addition, some investigators use pretexts or tricks to obtain information from people who might otherwise be reluctant to talk to them. But cheating for information may have some legal and ethical implications. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

Public records are another source of information, in many of these citizens can access by themselves. However, private investigators generally know who to ask and how to access information easily. These investigations usually include:


●        Tax records. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Real estate purchase and sale operations. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Records of births, marriages, and death. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Court proceedings. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Electoral records, social security among others. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Licenses or permits. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.

●        In addition to gathering information, private investigators know how to analyze it and present it to their clients. Background investigators Miami Beach South Beach.




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