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What does a Private Investigator do?

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Researchers or Private Detectives work independently or autonomously, cooperating with state security bodies. In this regard, they offer their services to the people who hire them and their work is to conduct investigations of missing persons, review background and search for information related to any legal, financial or criminal case. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

In principle, these professionals are not legally authorized to carry out the different tasks of a Police Officer, such as arresting individuals or executing arrest warrants; however, they do have the power to carry a firearm as long as they have the necessary permits. In addition, they are required to share their findings with their clients or testify before a judge if necessary.

Functions of a private detective

In this article we will try to show the most detailed analysis possible of the functions of a private detective, both from a strictly legal point of view, as well as to the daily practice of his profession. Hopefully it is in the interest of all our readers and with this text we have an exact idea of hat a private detective can do for us. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


Legally established functions of a private detective

The private detectives, in accordance with the norm currently in force in Spain, at the request of natural or legal persons, will be responsible for:

a) To obtain and provide information and evidence on conduct and private facts. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

b) The investigation of crimes that can be prosecuted only at the request of a party on behalf of those legitimated in the criminal process. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

c) Surveillance at fairs, hotels, exhibitions or similar areas. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


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For the purpose of assessing section a), behaviors or private facts shall be considered those that affect the economic, labor, commercial, financial and, in general, personal, family or social life, with the exception of that which takes place in the domiciles or reserved places. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

As for the crimes prosecutable at the request of a party, semi-public and private crimes would be included. As a summary they would be the following:

●        Assisted reproduction with a woman without consent. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Assault, abuse or sexual harassment. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Discovery and disclosure of secrets. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Failure to fulfill legal assistance duties inherent to parental authority, guardianship, guardianship or foster care. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Non-payment of economic benefits in favor of a spouse or children, established in a judicial agreement, in the cases of legal separation, divorce, declaration of nullity of marriage, the process of filiation or process of food in favor of the children. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Damages due to serious negligence in excess of 80,000 euros. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Crimes related to intellectual and industrial property, to the market and to consumers. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Corporate crimes. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Lack of threats, coercion, insults or unfair humiliation of a slight nature. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Death caused by light negligence or less serious injuries due to serious imprudence. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Crimes of insults and slander (only private crimes). Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

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Finally, within the scope of section c) will be considered to include large commercial areas and large public venues.

In addition to those that have been duly assessed in the previous section, in practice, section a) seen in the previous section (obtain and provide information and evidence on behavior and private facts), gives the private detective a wide range of possibilities labor, which has even given rise to hyper-specialized detective agencies.

Among these practical functions are the following, although it should not be considered as a closed list, since the possibilities are practically unlimited:

●        Infidelities and actions related to separation/divorce.

●        Investigation of cohabitation in fact.

●        Labor investigations (absenteeism, feigned losses, low productivity, the duplicity of jobs, anomalous behaviors, investigation of curriculums and working life ...).

●        Robberies and thefts in the company.

●        Investigation of fake insolvencies, bankruptcies and suspensions of payment.

●        Location of missing persons.

●        Location of defaulters.

●        Investigation of the background of a person, in order to know their financial, professional or personal situation.

●        Special business services (risk analysis, espionage and counterintelligence, covert control of employee movements ...).

●        Control of abnormal behavior of children (alcohol and drug use, bad companies, sects, gangs, criminal behavior ...).

●        Investigation of frauds to insurance companies (robberies, various accidents ...).


●        Investigation of civil, labor and commercial frauds.

●        The follow-up to people.

Computer security, computer forensics (origin of a mail, analysis of publications on web pages, location of connections to a specific computer, deletion of files, traces of communications via email or instant messaging, leak or theft of sensitive information, plagiarism contents, software or theft of a web's source code ...).

●        Location of stolen or lost goods. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Services related to unfair competition. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Fake invalidity. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Labor or professional intrusion. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Obtaining evidence in lawsuits. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

●        Investigation of vandalism and good neighborliness. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

Investigation of urban leases (duplicity of domicile, undue assignments or subleases, rent of rooms by the tenant, the dedication of houses or premises for other purposes, cause in the house damages, annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illicit activities).


Researchers or Private Detectives work independently or for an agency specialized in the provision of surveillance, investigation and protection services. In principle, the requirements to perform in this office are not unified; however, candidates with training in Police Sciences, Criminology, Criminalistics, Public Order or other related careers are preferred. Likewise, there are companies and clients that prefer people with previous experience in some state security body, since it supports their research capacity.


Those who choose to work independently or autonomously usually have previous experience in the State security bodies; however, in addition to such expertise, they require the necessary skills to manage their own business, find clients and promote their work. All Private Investigators must be familiar with the legal context and the legislation applicable to their work. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

10 essential tips to be a good private detective

Without a doubt, it is a highly attractive profession, but it also requires, not only a great specialization and specific high qualification professional studies, but also specific innate qualities that equip you with the necessary weapons to solve your cases.

Private detectives are professionals who must be prepared for field work; they must collect evidence, gather information for criminal investigations, examine records, conduct interviews, monitor suspects, etc.

If you recognize yourself in these first paragraphs, read on and you will find some important tips to achieve success as a private detective.


1. Form yourself.

In addition to having the innate qualities that are supposed to be necessary for a good private detective (intuition, mental acuity, common sense, curiosity, sense of logic ...), you must adequately train yourself to be one. For example, private detective work is a good start to the career of Law. In addition, the intrinsic characteristics of the profession force the private detective to continue "learning" day by day. It is convenient that you take courses and masters that will train you doubly in your work.

Training, therefore, from our point of view, would be the cornerstone on which to build your professional career. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


2. Specialize.

Choose a specific niche and specialize in a specific aspect of the profession; be it infidelities, insurance fraud, etc., make sure you are the best in your sector. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


3. Equip yourself.


Let's start with the clothes. Your work clothes are important and you have to take care of them. Make sure it's comfortable. For example, if you have to sneak or hide in narrow places, or hide ... you must wear a nice dress and that facilitates your movements.

In addition, you must have tools that help you discover clues and gather evidence, materials that can range from a good digital camera with zoom, micro cameras, microphones, tablet ..., to spy watches, GPS locators, GSM signal amplifiers, transmitter detectors, etc.; In the market there are countless tools available to facilitate the work of a detective and to help you gather valuable information.

However, today, plunged as we are in a major economic crisis, it is not easy to get a big "arsenal" especially if you are starting in your career as an independent detective; do not worry, you can gradually acquire all the necessary material, giving priority to that basic material that you will need to obtain tests for your cases. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


4. be meticulous.

You must record all the data obtained and keep accurate and accurate records. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


5. Search for a seat or office.

You will need a place to keep all the clues and evidence of your cases in an orderly manner in a safe way. Remember that without the evidence you have collected, any complaint will remain in "borage water." Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


6. Maintain good physical and mental health.

This job requires professionals in top form. Believe it or not, exercise and good physical training will help you not only to move with agility but also to keep your mental health in shape. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


7. Get up to date on New Technologies.


It is never enough and less in this field. You must be up to date both in what refers to computer software and in what has to do with the new tools that technology is putting at the service of the researcher. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.

8. Everything can be evidence.

When we are looking for clues, we should not overlook anything. Everything that is in the "place of crime" is susceptible to becoming evidence. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


9. Develop your perception.

You must be a good observer. Undoubtedly, you will need many innate qualities, such as intuition, visual acuity, logic and memory, but you can also develop your skills as an observer to the fullest. Take into account the body language of your goals, your way of behaving, observe their movements, their gestures ... be assured that all this added, will take you safely to the resolution of your cases. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.


10. Read detective books.

You do not lose anything and they will surely motivate you and can even give your ideas. Besides, you will surely have a good time in the company of Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Poirot or Miss Marple, or reading Dorothy L. Sayers and Margery Allingham. Detective in Miami Beach South Beach.






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