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Many private investigators, also called PIs or private investigators, come from law enforcement after they retire, but it’s not a requirement that you have that kind of background. As long as you are nosy and have an insatiable curiosity to get into other people's’ business, you can make a niche for yourself. You’ll join a growing legion of female Private investigators, according to Private Investigators Magazine. Of the approximately 60,000 private investigators in the United States, about 15 percent are women and that number is on the rise.

An investigation is a fact-finding exercise to collect all the relevant information on a matter. A properly conducted investigation can enable an employer to fully consider the matter and then make an informed decision on it. Making a decision without completing a reasonable investigation can make any subsequent decisions or actions unfair, and leave an employer vulnerable to legal action.

The role of a private investigator is to be fair and objective so that they can establish the essential facts of the matter and reach a conclusion on what did or did not happen. A private investigator should do this by looking for evidence that supports the allegation and evidence that contradicts it. In potential disciplinary matters, it is not a private investigator’s role to prove the guilt of any party but to investigate if there is a case to answer.

Incidents and issues will arise in any workplace and ensure that they are dealt with fairly and consistently may mean that they need to be investigated. In the first instance, an employer should consider whether a quiet word or informal action may be all that is required to resolve a matter. Most problems that arise can be settled quickly and without undue process.

Get a license if you need one. Most states require you to get a license to be a private investigator, though you don’t need one in Wyoming, South Dakota, Mississippi, Missouri, Colorado, and Idaho. All the other states have varying rules governing the job, and even some cities have special regulations you have to follow. Many states demand that you work under a licensed private investigator for three or more years before they’ll grant you your own license.

Turn your experience into private investigator work. For example, videographers and photographers make great surveillance pros, accountants can comb through books for financial investigations, actors get to play a multitude of roles as undercover private investigators, and title searchers and librarians have the background searching public records for details.

Talk to a local private investigator agency and offer to work for free to learn the ropes. There really isn’t a degree you can get that equals the hands-on experience you’ll get as an unpaid intern. Prove your worth and you might even get offered some paid assignments from the private agency. At any rate, you’ll be better prepared to go out on your own after a year or two under the tutelage of a top-notch pro.

Advertise your services through such channels as websites and your local newspapers. Ask for referrals from previous clients and from other agencies that get more requests than they can handle. Build relationships with divorce attorneys, insurance company representatives and business associations to promote your services.

Despite the thousands of private investigators throughout the U.S. (Private Investigator Magazine estimates there to be approximately 60,000), and the wide variety of specializations (from insurance private investigators to accident reconstruction specialists to pet private investigator), many people still view private investigators as Sam Spade clones.  Meaning, they’re men, they’re tough, they carry heat, they talk like Bogie.

When people think of private investigators, they probably imagine a mysterious person in a trench coat, lurking in the shadows, and that person is usually a man.

Busting a Few Myths

Just as not all school teachers or plumbers or attorneys are tough, not all private investigators are tough. You know, tough in the “When a man’s partner is killed, he’s supposed to do something about it,” mold (Sam Spade quote, for those curious).

Unlike the Sam Spade myth, today's private P.I. doesn't swill whiskey and pack heat

Unlike the Sam Spade myth, today’s private P.I. doesn’t swill whiskey and carry a sap

But if we’re talking tough in terms of being a successful business person (handling day-to-day business, managing clients, and subcontractors, making more money coming in than going out), then yes, qualified, experienced private investigators are tough.  Carrying guns?  Some private investigators do, many don’t.  And although most private P.I.s are men, private P.I. The magazine estimates 15 percent, and that number is growing, are women.

What Is the World of a Female Private Investigator Like?

In a recent issue of private investigator Magazine, the author of the article was listed as one of the “new wave” of women private investigators, so I suppose I have a good idea of what it’s like to be surfing in today’s private investigator. waters. I’ve never thought of myself as a shrinking violet, but I’ve certainly become more assertive, sometimes even fearless, in my work. Occasionally people still assume I’m the private agency secretary, not its president, but I’m happy to say those assumptions occur less and less. I have excellent business relationships with my fellow private P.I.s, both men, and women, and I’ve never met a male private P.I. yet who doesn’t treat me like a peer?  And for the record, I don’t carry a gun, but I know women private P.I.s who do.

I’m friends with several women private investigators who work in other states.  Our friendships came about when either they hired me or I hired them. One was a crime reporter before taking over her father’s, a former FBI special agent’s, Private investigator agency. Another is the president of a fast-paced, high-profile private agency.

What do I love about the work? I love research. Love digging for evidence. Really love finding the clue, the missing piece, the proof that solves a case. After a few violent encounters, I no longer accept process service requests, and I’m getting to the point where I’d rather poke a stick in my eye than sit on a lengthy surveillance.

Why hire a Female Private Investigator?

Female Private Investigators tend to be both perceptive and intuitive. They are typically good researchers and tracing agents. Where a surveillance operation is involved female Private investigators are less likely to be suspected of the following someone and can blend into the crowd more easily.

People often prefer to deal with a female private Investigator as they believe a woman to be more empathetic and understanding of what they are going through.

Thinking of hiring Private investigators? Ensure that the evidence you obtain is legal & binding!

For most people, it is their first time contacting a Private investigator. They often don’t know what to expect. They may be in some emotional discomfort and just want relief. The last thing on their mind is the legal implications of the evidence or whether they can use it again in the future.

Cost is an important factor when hiring Private Detectives. Equally important is dealing with a competent and experienced professional. Questions you need to ask yourself include: Is the report legal and binding? Can I use the evidence to confront my partner without worrying that they will talk their way out of it? Will the evidence stand up in court in a maintenance case?

Where proof is required that a partner is cheating or having an affair it is ideal to show that the relationship or encounter with a (potential) third party is of an intimate (close) nature. A professional private Investigator will be aware of the level of information required and in which capacity a client wishes to use it.

In order to have legal evidence that a person is actively working it will be necessary to show the subject's attendance at their place of work. The Private Investigators will also establish if the subject is working on a full-time or a part-time basis. The report which is legal and binding will be available to be passed on to a solicitor if required.

Women have a “distinct advantage… because of their ability to multitask and are better at playing a role… and superior to men when it comes to reading situations… and suppressing their ego in order to attain the goal.”

What comes to mind when you think of a female private investigator? Maybe you think about Precious Ramotswe, from The No. 1 Private Ladies’ Detective Agency, (a novel that was adapted for radio, television, and the Internet) and imagine her sipping her bush tea and skillfully solving mysteries in Botswana.

Perhaps you think about honey trappers who use their appearance and charms to catch cheating spouses.

Let’s leave pop culture and female private investigator stereotypes aside to give you some facts about being a female private investigator. According to Forbes, females make the best private investigators, yet only 15 percent of private investigators is women, but this number is growing.

The UK is leading this trend with an increase, by 86 percent, in the number of new female private investigators.

New York Private Investigators, located on Long Island, are a team of licensed female private investigators specializing in premarital and matrimonial investigations, and background checks.

The company cites the following benefits of hiring a female private investigator:

  • Ability to effectively access people, places, and information.

  • Necessary for assignments that require female private investigators.

  • Easier to fly under the radar during surveillance.

  • More flexible with the range of assignments they can take on.

  • Make people at ease with their presence.

  • Superior ability to play roles and establish trust.

Who blazed the way for future female Private investigators? America’s first female private investigator was Kate Warne. She started her career in 1856. Warne was part of a team of private investigators, at Pinkerton Private Detective Agency, that uncovered plans to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln. She went undercover as a wealthy southern belle that infiltrated social gatherings to develop details of the assassination.

Female private investigators are becoming more popular in our society. A society where confiding with somebody of the same sex can provide extra trust, security and increased rapport, whatever sex you are. It is for this reason that all our national and regional offices have both male and female private investigators and are able to provide you with a level of service that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Private investigators can work on a variety of different cases from company fraud to asset tracing and identity theft to matrimonial investigations, where catching a cheating partner in the act may be the reason you want to hire a private detective.

Matrimonial investigations are becoming an increasing part of the workload for private investigators and this is when hiring a female private detective can be of particular comfort to a female client, where sympathetic listening and an understanding demeanor are of paramount importance.

Of course, it is not just in matrimonial investigations that female private detectives are renowned. Anybody who works in the private investigation industry will tell you that female private investigator make excellent researchers, have highly developed people skills, are great interviewers and are adept at putting people at their ease.

It is often reported that people relax more with female private detectives and this is of particular importance when trying to elicit information from third parties. Also, in surveillance situations, female private detectives can often find it easier to follow male subjects because they are less suspicious of her presence and this increases the probability of success.

Both our male and female private investigators are highly trained and it is a personal choice with regard to who you would prefer to work with. That is why we like to give you the option.

A female private investigator is a big asset to any private investigation agency. Female operatives are very useful for not only general private investigation work but also for gender-specific assignments which take advantage of their feminine attributes and charms. There are many cases where a female private investigator is the “best man for the job”.

Female Private Investigator Assignments

Of course, there are female private investigators who handle cases which do not require a gender-specific role to be played. However, the true value of a woman private investigator is her ability to use her gender as a tool to gain access to persons, places or information during her assignment.

Female private investigators are often utilized for infidelity investigations since they can get very close to a potentially cheating husband or boyfriend. Female private investigators also make excellent process servers, especially when personal service on a difficult target is absolutely necessary. Women private investigators are ideal for assignments requiring open surveillance or extended periods of loitering since they do not raise the same warning flags as men. Women operatives make perfect store private detectives and mystery shoppers, as well as terrific additions to a bounty hunter team or bodyguard detail.

Female Private Investigator Tactics

Female private eyes take advantage of the most powerful weapons any private investigator has at their disposal… their mind and body. Playing a role is often crucial in gathering information and women can simply play far more diversified parts than most men could ever do.  Women private investigators use trust, sex appeal, gender roles and general appearance as incredibly effectual weapons in their arsenals. Remember, some of the most important traits of a successful private investigator are professional anonymity and the ability to put others at rest in their presence…

There is no denying that these special operatives possess the skills needed to get any job done and can be far more flexible than most traditional male private investigators.

The bottom line comes down to this… In the world of cloak and dagger, camouflage is often the best road to success. Depending on the nature of the assignment, women are able to blend into the natural environment better than men, access more information than men and do it right out in the open without arousing any suspicion at all. These factors all add up to make female private investigators the best choice for any case assignment.

How many private investigators are there in the United States?

The best estimate provided by private investigator Magazine is that there are approximately 60,000 private investigators employed in the USA.

How much do Private Investigators really earn?

According to the United States Department of Labor, the average income of a private investigator or private investigator was $28,000 in 2005. This figure may seem low, but it is actually quite accurate for a majority of private investigators. As mentioned earlier, many PI’s are retired law enforcement who usually receives some sort of pension in the $40-$60k range. When you add the reported average $28k income along with the pension income you can understand why the average income isn’t that high. However, we have found that the average income of non-law enforcement PI’s is much higher ranging from $40k – $120K. There are many private investigators that earn more than $200k per year, but those successful private investigators represent less than 5% of all licensed private investigators in the United States.

How many women are Private Investigators?

The number of female private investigators is on a continuing up rise with an estimated 15% share of the approximate 60,000 private investigators in the United States. There are no official records that provide an exact number of women licensed or working as private investigators. However, the increasing number of women attending state association investigative conferences seems to confirm these numbers.

Women in Private Investigation

The private investigation profession may have been marked as a man's domain in the past, but that image is beginning to change. The number of women in the field, while still substantially smaller than the number of men, is rising rapidly.

The days of the tough, ex-cop, bourbon in the desk drawer and carrying a .45 gun, are over. Today, "data private investigator" are becoming far more prevalent than the traditionally tough, two-fisted private investigator. Women do an exceptional job in researching court documents, using computers, gathering data, etc. Women are also effective as "people private investigators," skills very much in demand. They do an exemplary job of interviewing clients and thus have a much better chance of obtaining information from people than their male counterparts. People are usually suspicious and apprehensive of a male investigator, but when they interact with a female investigator, they don't feel as threatened.

People also tend to relax when a woman is on the phone. It is much easier for a woman to use a telephone pretext for obtaining information than it is for her male counterpart. Even on surveillances, a female private investigator is less likely to arouse suspicion or apprehension in a subject. This is especially true when the subject is a woman who frequently fears the possibility of being stalked or assaulted by a man. Even when a female private investigator follows a male subject, he is less likely to become suspicious of her presence. This increases the probability of success.

If you are a male trainee who plans to start your own private agency, DTI recommends teaming up with a female agent, wife, girlfriend, or associate. You will have a much higher chance of success as a male/female team than if you work individually or in an all-male environment. If you are a female and training to become a private investigator, your opportunities are unlimited. You can easily get a job in a private investigator agency or work easily with a male counterpart as a two-person team, especially after becoming a DTI graduate.

Many medium size private investigator agencies tend to hire more women today than in the past. They find that they are more dedicated and conscientious. In one private investigator agency, for example, for every twelve private investigators hired, eight are women.


In 2010, David Wasser was hired to investigate the murder mystery of Paula Slawdewski - former Playboy model, who went missing on January 1, 2010. the links listed below are various articles recognizing wasser's efforts in the murder investigation.

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Investigators wonder if young model Paula Sladewski's drop-dead good looks may also have turned the head of a crazed killer during a wild night of partying at a Miami nightclub in January 2010. Check your local listings at




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