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According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of private detectives and detectives is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2005. Demand for private detectives is expected to be generated by the increase in population size, increased economic activity, and domestic and global competition.

These forces are expected to produce increases in crime, litigation, and the need for confidential information of all kinds. As crime continues to increase, more firms will hire or contract for the services of private detectives. Additionally, private detectives will be needed to meet the need for information associated with criminal defense and litigation for companies and individuals. Greater financial activity will also increase the demand for private detectives. As competition becomes more intense, growing numbers of companies will hire private detectives to control internal and external financial losses, and prevent industrial spying.

If you are thinking of using the services of a private detective, you may be wondering what the cost of hiring private detectives will be. Around the country, private detective fees vary by location and type of services. For private detectives with extensive experience and training, expect to pay higher fees. The numbers quoted in this article are estimated cost ranges based on average pricing offered by private detectives across the United States.

Before you hire a private detective, find out all costs and fees for the services you require. Most private detectives offer a free initial consultation. Here are some questions to ask prospective private detectives regarding fees:

  1. Does the private detective charge a flat fee for services?

Some private detectives can quote a flat fee for certain basic services such as background checks, research work, and specialized equipment such as GPS units. Other services that commonly are charged a flat fee include:

  • Private Investigator. identifying a cell phone number
  • Private Investigator. vehicle registration search
  • Private Investigator. criminal record search
  • Private Investigator. "bug sweeps" of home or car
  • Private Investigator. GPS monitoring

Okay, so you've exhausted all possibilities of resolving the matter privately, and you're ready to ask for the assistance of a professional. Here's what you need to do:

1- Private Investigator Where to look

Your best bet is to ask someone you trust wholeheartedly for a referral; the last thing you need is word getting around that you've hired a private detective. If no one in your immediate circle has had to hire a gumshoe, you can always fall back on the Yellow Pages.

Keep in mind that you're the best bet would be to hire a private detective that is located in the area in which the search is going to occur. For instance, if you know your gambling cousin has fled the East Coast for Oregon, employ the services of a private detective stationed on the West Coast and the cost will be reduced significantly. Should this be the case, however, searching the Internet for a private detective may be the way to go?

2- Private Investigator License status

Besides Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, and South Dakota, all other states require that private detectives have a license issued by the government. The requirements to obtain such a license are usually quite rigorous and demand that the licensee has no criminal record. PIs must also pass state-specific tests to gauge their qualifications and experience. Some states, such as California, even demand that applicants have a minimum experience of three years in law enforcement.

Ask for the license number

Once you've located a private detective you want to hire, ask to see his license and write down the number. It is illegal for a person to act as a private detective without a license — it's also illegal for you to hire an unlicensed person. It's definitely not worth the hassle. If the guy refuses to give you his number, walk away.

Private Investigator Verify the number

Licenses for private dicks are public record so you can check the validity of your PI's license number quite easily. What you need to do is call your state's licensing authority. The name of this agency, unfortunately, varies from state to state.

Oftentimes, it's the state police, department of public safety, or the state's licensing board that handles the task. When you call, make sure the license hasn't expired, that the name provided matches your private detective's, and ask to see if any complaints have been filed against him.

Make sure he has insurance and don't be afraid to ask him anything.

3- Private Investigator Insurance coverage

Although this may seem like a trivial, administrative nitpick, bonding and liability insurance coverage are one of the main elements you should look out for when hiring a PI. Many jurisdictions insist that the licensee is covered by a policy covering a certain amount of money since it's there to protect clients.

It's also an interesting way of telling amateurs apart from professionals. Private Detectives who are serious about their trade have, for the most part, coverage as high as a million dollars. Since this coverage is also public record, you can make certain it exists.

4- Private Investigator Interview

Now that you know the private detective is street legal, you need to make sure he's competent. A few minutes spent talking with him can be enough to make a sound decision.

  Media attention

First of all, look for newspaper clippings or references on the Internet about him to see if he's been in the news. However, don't dismiss the person just because the media hasn't talked about him yet; he may willingly be keeping a low profile.

  Specific experience

Because each case is different, ask if he has any experience with the type of investigation you're hiring him for. For example, if you need to have your cousin located and the PI is an expert at surveillance, he may not be the right man for the job.

Special skills

In addition to being licensed, your private detective may have another certification. For instance, the National Association of Legal Private Detectives awards a CLI (Certified Legal Private Detective) certification to experts in that field. Private Detectives specializing in fraud get a CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) certification, which is granted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

 Business ethics

Call your local Better Business Bureau or State Attorney General's office to make sure there haven't been any consumer complaints against your private detective or his agency. You should also be blunt and ask your private eye if he provides, and abides by, a confidentiality agreement. You definitely don't want your private information and investigation results being sold to a rival.

Final questions

Ask any questions you feel are relevant. At any point, if you don't feel comfortable with this person, excuse yourself and leave. As a good indicator of his ethics and proficiency level, ask about how the private detective has gotten into this line of work. Also, don't be taken aback if the private detective asks you questions. He has to protect himself, and ensure that you're not hiring him to do something illegal.

5- Hiring process

Satisfied with your private detective, you're ready to hire him. The finishing stage is about the discussion of payment. In this industry, the accepted method of billing consists of an hourly rate ($45-$60 US), plus job-related expenses like airline tickets, hotel fees, and long-distance calls.

Some private detectives are open to working for a flat fee, in which you must provide a deposit. If the person is quite experienced, he may be able to give you an estimate as to how much it'll cost you when all is said and done.

You're better off asking for an estimate regardless, so as to avoid being taken for a ride. Be prepared to pay no matter what; if your girlfriend isn't having an affair, after all, you won't be getting your money back.

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