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A private investigator is a professional researcher who uses observation, inquiry, examination, and experimentation to obtain evidence and factual information upon which sound decisions can be made. In order to achieve success as an investigator, certain basic guidelines must be observed. Private Investigator.

As an investigator ask many questions when seeking information. Often, this means repeating questions in order to uncover discrepancies and following up on initial questions with more detailed ones. You can never gather too much information. It is easy to eliminate nonessential information later on. Private Investigator. As an investigator recognize that suspects, criminals, and other subjects of the investigation come from all walks of life and are represented by all races, both sexes, and an endless variety of lifestyles. When investigating the crime scene, do not commit yourself to the guilt or innocence of anyone at the scene whom you may question. Remember, your purpose is to gather facts; judgments will come later. Private Investigator.

As an investigator do not be overconfident. Be certain that you have gathered all the information. Before you conclude the investigation, ask yourself, “Is there more information I should attempt to obtain? Have I overlooked anything that could make a difference in the outcome of the investigation?” Private Investigator. Do not jump to conclusions. Never take things for granted, make no assumptions about how much information is needed before you begin searching. False assumptions often lead to the loss of valuable information and evidence. Work with evidence you find at the scene. Private Investigator.

Private Investigator: Examine all evidence carefully; pieces of paper, documents, tools, fragments of cloth, or personal items belonging to a possible suspect or other person involved in the incident that you are investigating, any physical evidence can provide an important investigative lead. Private Investigator. Develop informants and sources of information before you need them. No investigator can get along without sources because they can provide shortcuts to many investigative problems. Private Investigator.

Who should be the private investigator you will hire will often depend on the seriousness and/or complexity of the matter:

  • In the majority of cases, where the matter to be investigated appears to be clear and the facts are not in dispute, the role of the private investigator may be carried out by an appropriate line manager or someone from HR for instance. Hire a private investigator.
  • If the evidence to be investigated is more serious or complex (such as potential gross misconduct, discrimination or bullying) then, where possible, appointing someone more senior or experienced may be beneficial. However, an employer should be careful to ensure that there are still appropriate members of staff available if a disciplinary hearing (and appeal hearing) may be necessary. Hire a private investigator.
  • In exceptional circumstances, it may be appropriate to appoint someone who is as detached from the matter as is practical, such as an external consultant. However, this needs to be carefully considered and any decision should balance the needs for fairness against a cost-effective and efficient investigation. Hire a private investigator.

Questions to consider when you hire a private investigator:

  • are they personally involved in the matter being investigated? Hire a private investigator.
  • would the appointment raise any conflict of interest concerns? Hire a private investigator.
  • are they likely to be influenced by people involved in the matter? Hire a private investigator.
  • might they be involved in any subsequent decision-making on the matter? Hire a private investigator.
  • do they have a good knowledge of the organization and how it operates? Private investigator.
  • what is their availability during the investigation’s provisional timeframe? Private investigator.
  • are they trained and/or experienced in how to conduct investigations? Private investigator.
  • how confident are they at communicating in writing and/or orally? Private investigator.
  • what may training or support they require? Private investigator.

What is most important is that whoever you hire as a private investigator acts fairly and objectively. Private investigator.

Keeping the matter confidential. Private investigator.

An investigation should usually be kept confidential. Even if it becomes known that one is being conducted, the details of the investigation should be kept confidential wherever possible. Keeping the matter confidential can:

  • reduce any negative impact to a party involved in the matter. Private investigator.
  • help to ensure that staff morale is not unnecessarily affected. Private investigator.
  • reduce the risk of witnesses discussing or agreeing what their evidence should be. Private investigator.

In a confidential investigation, it is important to explain the need to maintain confidentiality to all staff involved. However, an employee should be allowed to discuss the matter with an employee representative where they have one. It should be made clear that if the employee breaches confidentiality an employer could view this as a disciplinary matter.

Possible temporary measures. Private investigator.

Many investigations may be conducted without removing an employee from their typical working environment. On occasions, an employer may need to consider taking a temporary measure while an investigation is conducted.

Temporary transfer. Private investigator.

Sometimes, rather than the more extreme measure of suspension, it may be more practical and productive to transfer an employee to a different area of work on a temporary basis. If tensions between certain employees within the organization are high, then a temporary transfer can stop them having to work together while the investigation is carried out. In practical terms, a temporary transfer will not always be possible. Where it is used, an employer should be reasonable and treat an employee fairly. An employer should only transfer an employee to a job of similar status in the organization.

Suspension. Private investigator.

In certain situations, an employer may decide that suspension with pay is necessary while the investigation is carried out. This may include where:

  • working relationships have broken down. Private investigator.
  • the employee could tamper with evidence. Private investigator.
  • there is a risk to an employee’s health or safety. Private investigator.
  • property or the business of an employee or the organization may be damaged Suspension with pay should only be used after careful consideration, as a last resort and should be reviewed to ensure it is not unnecessarily drawn out. It should be made clear that the suspension is temporary, not an assumption of guilt and not a disciplinary sanction. Private investigator.

Criminal proceedings. Private investigator.

Some matters might also warrant a criminal investigation. Usually, an employer may need to decide whether or not to involve the police. However, some employers will be obligated to raise some matters to the relevant authorities. For example, an organization that works with children may have safeguarding procedures that require the local authority to be informed in certain circumstances.

An employer should, therefore, check their policies and procedures before deciding not to inform the police. If criminal proceedings do commence, an employer may decide to put their investigation on hold until the criminal proceedings have concluded. However, if they believe it reasonable to do so, an employer may still carry out their own investigation. If an employer does continue with its own investigation, the private investigator should be careful not to prejudice the criminal proceedings.

An employee may also be less likely to cooperate if they believe it could harm their defense to the criminal proceedings. While taking this into account, a private investigator should investigate the matter as thoroughly as is reasonable and, if required, make a recommendation based on the facts available to them at that time.

Identify possible sources of evidence there is no exhaustive list that a private investigator can rely on to know what sources of evidence they should collect. Each investigation will be different and the facts and information that need to be collected will also differ. When initially identifying what may be relevant private investigator should consider:

  • the terms of reference and what they need to establish. Private investigator.
  • what sources of evidence may be available to establish the facts of the matter. Private investigator.
  • How the evidence could be collected. Private investigator.
  • whether there are any time constraints for collecting the evidence, such as a witness going away on annual leave or CCTV records that are usually deleted after X days As the investigation progresses, other possible sources of evidence may come to light or become relevant. Private investigator.

However, a private investigator should remember that they only have to conduct a reasonable investigation. They do not have to investigate every detail of the matter, only what is reasonably likely to be important and relevant. Private investigator.

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