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Miami Detective Services  is the first choice when requiring professional and discreet services, video surveillance, record searches,  information, GPS Vehicle Tracking, surveillance products and other investigation services in south Florida to help you obtain the required evidence for your peace of mind.

Our Miami Private Investigators and Miami Private Detectives have been featured in numerous media appearances and talk shows for our professional investigation services in Miami, South Florida, California, Texas, Chicago, New York, Michigan, and nationwide. Our Private Investigators in Miami and Florida Private Detectives conduct numerous Private Investigation Services in South Florida to investigate just about any information required on any individual throughout Miami Dade, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Florida and nationwide.

Our  Company has Private Investigators that specialize in services such as civil and domestic investigations including, locate missing persons, Child Custody Investigations, child neglect and marital infidelity investigations or Adultery Investigations. Our Services and Private Investigators are the best. Hire a Private Investigator consultant for your well being and get the facts and peace of mind from a private investigation company that is well trusted.

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Surveillance is usually conducted for Infidelity investigations, Miami Private Investigators, Miami Detective Service, Miami Florida Private Investigator, Miami Investigation Service matrimonial investigations, employee investigations, fraud investigations, theft investigations, cheating spouses, adultery investigations, civil investigations, insurance investigations and many more types of investigation services. Surveillance is extremely useful for evaluating your subject, documenting their daily activities, who they meet with, lifestyle or whatever other fact you are looking to obtain. Our Miami private investigators and Miami detectives will obtain discreet video documentation using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, miniature body worn hidden cameras, night vision capable cameras, GPS vehicle tracking systems, and sophisticated surveillance techniques.

Infidelity investigations cheating spouse detectives

We have Miami private investigators that specialize in infidelity investigations and marital investigations services. Through discreet surveillance and undercover operations, our investigators may assist you in determining if your significant other is a cheating spouse , cheating husband , cheating wife , cheating girlfriend or committing adultery or matrimonial.

Our Miami Florida infidelity private detectives will document all their infidelity activities; places visited, and also identify who they meet with. In addition, the private eyes may obtain video and/or photography documentation of all activities and of all suspects. If you desire, we may also give you an investigation report and a video documentation on the investigation results obtained. Furthermore, our Miami investigators or Miami detectives private can investigate marital Infidelity, cheating spouses or adultery investigations and testify on the investigation findings in any court proceeding if it is needed.

Person locates - missing persons

Miami Private Detectives utilize efficient techniques and databases to locate witnesses, find missing persons, find missing find missing relatives, dead, spouses, find high school sweethearts, old friends and other persons with high quality of service.

Security guard services - body guards

Our Security Guard Division and bodyguards are skilled professional security officers & Private Investigators and bodyguards possess extensive security training & experience in the areas of Personal Security, Residential Security, Commercial Security, Hotel Security, Event Security, Bodyguard Services, Executive Protection, VIP Protection, Personal Protection, Retail Security, Loss Prevention, Drug Screening, & Miami Florida Private Investigations. Our management team has many years of security, law enforcement & Private Investigation experience/ training.

Find persons current employer:

You provide us with the name of the person; social security number and a state and Miami Detective Service and our Miami Florida Private Investigators and Miami Detectives will conduct a nationwide skip trace record search to provide you with that person’s current employer. This record search is great for child support collections, Bail bond skips, missing persons, skip tracing, finding witnesses, find missing defendants, find asset searches, and vehicle repossessions.

Database record searches

Millions of public databases are scanned in Miami Florida private detective services, Miami PRVT investigators, investigations, Miami Florida detective services efforts to obtain just about any information on anyone. Records include: property ownership, civil records, criminal records, background checks, marriage histories, driving records, plus much more.

Special assignments

Special Assignments and undercover operations and undercover investigations are also performed with specific instructions and details regarding your case by our detectives. Call our Agency of investigators if the private investigation service you require is not listed to speak with a Miami Florida private detective to get more details on our Miami Florida investigation services or on your case.

Child custody investigations and disputes:

Our Miami Florida private investigators and Miami detectives and child custody private detectives specialize in child custody investigations. In this instance, our detectives can follow your spouse or ex during their scheduled visitation to determine unlawful or improper activity during the time your child is in their care. Our Miami Detectives can also follow your spouse or ex on their own free time to determine activities, lifestyle, living conditions and persons they associate with. A background check may also be conducted on the subject by our private detectives. Our Miami private investigator may also give you a private investigation report and a video documentation on the current lifestyle in which that person or your child is living. In addition, our Miami Florida Private detectives can testify on the investigation evidence in any court proceeding.

 Pre-employment screenings:

Background searches, criminal record checks and neighborhood investigations are effective in screening applicants and obtaining their true profile. Our Miami Detective Agency will conduct background investigation or criminal record checks on an applicant to determine civil records and criminal history, criminal records, driving record, etc.

 Loss prevention / employee investigations:

Are you losing inventory or cash at your business? Do you suspect internal theft from an employee?  Our Miami detective agency has bilingual undercover investigators that specialize in loss prevention / retail theft. Our Miami private investigators and Miami detectives will work undercover for a temporary period of time in the suspected workplace in efforts to uncover employee theft, unlawful activity, Alcohol / Drug use, or any other type of noncompliance. Hidden video may also be obtained of all activities with the use of body worn hidden cameras. This private investigation is useful to determine your employees work performance or detect any unlawful activity.

Hidden surveillance CCTV cameras may also be installed in the suspected workplace areas.

All of our Miami private investigators and Miami private detectives are well experienced in courtroom testimony when conducting private investigation services or private detective services.

Attorney services:

Some of the general attorney services conducted by our private detectives are: Surveillance, Witness Locates, Background Investigations, Personal Contacts, Scene Investigations, Jury Pool Backgrounds, Recorded Statements, Process Service, Video Depositions and Interviews.

Tenant screenings:

We may combine numerous criminal background search investigations, criminal record checks, criminal history and database record searches in efforts to investigate and screen applicants and obtain their true profile.

Recorded or sworn statements: 

Comprehensive recorded or sworn interviews taken with the subject in efforts to cover and document the subject's personal history, daily activities, lifestyle, and all circumstances and issues, which are relevant to the case.

Photography and videography: 

Our Miami private investigators and Miami detectives may obtain 35 mm pictures for scene documentation on accident scenes, personal injuries, crime scenes, medical conditions, property damage, roadways, and more. This is also very useful for subject identification.

Victim assistance:

Were you a victim of a crime? Do you desire additional detective investigation service to be conducted beyond the scope of Law enforcement? We can investigate and assist you by providing crime scene photographs, interviews with witnesses or suspects, surveillance, statements, record searches and more.

Nanny cameras / concealed hidden surveillance cameras:

Do you know what your babysitter is doing when you are away at work? Do you want to investigate or check up on your son or daughter when you are out of town or at work? Or do you simply need temporary CCTV security video documentation against potential vandalism to your home or office? Our PRVT detective agency may temporarily install hidden cameras just about anywhere in a short period of time. This way, you will investigate and know what really occurred while you were away and have the proof when you return. Completely undetectable equipment is utilized. The video documentation obtained may also be used for courtroom evidence. Our Private Investigators utilize the latest technology in surveillance equipment, micro-pinhole lenses and hidden cameras concealed inside items such as smoke detectors, radios and wall clocks.

We can even build one of our mini-cameras into an item that already exists in your home or office, such as a wall clock or VCR.

These devices provide the client with state-of-the-art video surveillance, allowing you to secretly videotape any room, store, warehouse, etc., and even have the capability to monitor everything in real time via the internet.

 Trash recovery investigation:

Trash recovery of your subject's residence will assist our Miami Florida private investigators and Miami Detectives in obtaining many facts that were not previously known. This can be combined with surveillance to aid in your investigation findings.

DNA/ paternity testing

 Investigate a person now ...On-sight D.N.A and Paternity testing is conducted and results are returned immediately. All lab tests are completely confidential and performed by licensed experienced technicians. All private investigation service reports can be backed up by expert witness testimony and private detective testimony.

Process service:

Our Miami Florida investigators provide prompt cost-effective service of process throughout the state of Florida and nationwide. We offer rush and special service, immediate status updates, immediate return of service, issuing and filling of process, and unlimited attempts with no mileage fees provided you supply the correct address of the person to be served.

Executive protection (bodyguard / escort services):

We offer High Profile or Low Profile Executive Protection, body guard services (armed or unarmed) to dignitaries, private citizens and celebrities. Escort services are also offered in Miami and South Florida for private or public events, conferences, airports, meetings, etc.

Electronic countermeasures:

This private detective service is usually offered to homeowners and small businesses. Hidden bugs and wiretaps may be detected within your home or office to detect eavesdropping. In addition, we may also investigate and debug phone lines with special debugging equipment.

Dead beat dads / moms:

Need to collect child support payments? The private detectives will locate your deadbeat dad or mom and assist you in expediting your case.

Insurance fraud investigations:

Our Miami private investigators specialize in theinvestigating worker's compensation, liability medical malpractice claims and other similar detective services. Surveillance is usually conducted for trial evidence and documentation purposes. In addition, we may conduct activity checks and neighborhood investigations on your subject to determine their daily activities and lifestyle.

Accident scene investigations:

Our accident investigators conduct on site accident Investigations and reconstructions. In this instance investigators obtain scene photography, recorded statements, interview witnesses / victims, neighbors and more.

Adoption assistance:

Need to locate a biological father? We may investigate prospective parents and acquire the appropriate documents for assistance in adoption.

Background investigations - criminal records:

Specially tailored private investigations through on-site courthouse research or on-line databases. This investigation is utilized to determine the subject's character, reputation, employment status, civil history, criminal history, medical history and other specific research. Background Investigations are useful in the following areas: Pre-Employment, Pre-Marital, Pre-Dating, Business Relations, Nannies, Pre/Post Litigation, etc.

This is an exclusive private detective agency serving Miami Florida. We limit the number and types of cases we accept in order to provide the best service to our clients. If we accept your case you will be assured high quality results at an exceptional value.

Don't be blinded by emotions. Let our private company confirm the truth for you. We have practical suggestions and realistic investigative solutions and services. We take our work seriously and are very understanding and can help you gain insight based upon our experiences. Difficult, complex cases can be solved. "Knowing Makes the Difference."

The Wasser Agency (Private Investigations) is a licensed Private Investigative Agency in the State of Florida. With experience as a former Law Enforcement Officer and Chief Investigator for a prominent law firm, we get results. We have conducted thousands of Investigations related to Cheating Spouses, all types of Infidelity Issues, Missing Persons, Background Investigations, Medical Malpractice Cases, Insurance, and Fraud cases. Suspicions are confirmed.

All of our investigators are Licensed in the State of Florida, Miami and have been thoroughly trained representing many years of experience in the field of private investigation.  The Investigations is highly respected in the professional community and many of our Clients have continued to refer their business and personal friends to use our services.

Since many time ago the company has helped thousands of clients to save millions of dollars by providing the information needed and service to make decisions based on solid evidence, not conjecture or guesswork.

 We provide a comprehensive range of quality private detective services and are always ready to discuss your urgent and important needs near of you in Miami Florida.