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Need a private Investigators at the Brickell area in Florida?

If you have come to the decision to hire a private investigator, then something has happened to cause you concern in either your personal life or your business endeavors that you're not able to solve yourself, and you now require the assistance of experienced and qualified investigators, we are the solution close to you at Brickell, 

What our private investigators at Brickell offer is an affordable solution to your problem. Our rates are highly competitive, the most qualify squad of private investigators. We are dedicated and highly trained professionals, private investigators at the Brickell area, Florida who listen and genuinely want to help you!

Private Investigator Brickell Florida

If a person suspects their spouse is cheating on them it’s time to get a private investigator near at the Brickell area, they don't usually have the many thousands of pounds needed to run a continuous 24/7 investigation and surveillance operation with many private investigators on charge, spanning many months to 'catch' them out, so what we offer is a tactical intelligence made by a private investigator in Brickell area, Florida with a long experience in your particular matter of interest, which offers a complete service conforms to your budget that we are sure you will be 100% happy with!

We got the experts, private investigators at Brickell that will offer you the best solution for your problem within your budget constraints and our private investigators at Brickell will commit a 100% to helping you until you are 100% satisfied that everything that can be done, has been done. Find us at 13611 South Dixie Highway Miami, Florida, 33176, or give us a call: 305-278-8700.

We take care about any kind of issues that could be bothering you…


Maybe there is something going on at the office… Get a private investigator at Brickell.

  • Have you ever ask yourself what your workers do during the labor? Get a private investigators at the Brickell area.
  • What do they do with all the information that they have the access to? Get a private investigators at the Brickell area.
  • Perhaps is necessary to investigate a presumable mortgage insurance fraud? Get a private investigators at the Brickell area.
  • There is something happening with your relationship? Get a private investigators at the Brickell area.
  • You need to find something that helps you to guarantee you the child custody, well contact us and get a private investigators at the Brickell area.

The Wasser Agency is what you have been looking for, the one that counts with specialize private investigators in several subjects.  

For example, are you aware that it’s been predicted that there will be an increase in attempted mortgage fraud in the US next year, bringing the number of people fraudulently trying to obtain home loans to the highest level since records began in

We got the numbers and the best private investigators in Brickell area, Florida, a total of 43 out of every 10,000 mortgage applications are expected to be identified as fraudulent – marking a rise of 13% on previous year

Private Investigator Brickell Florida

Everyday more credit reference agency has warned that cases of mortgage fraud are expected to surge next year as more people attempt to misrepresent their finances or hide adverse credit histories. So don’t let this troubles take you by surprise, and trust in our private investigators, at your services 24/7 so give us a call: 305-278-8700. 

Private investigators services are most often sought after by individuals who require information gathered in order to gain footing in a case against someone. For instance someone might suspect that their spouse is being unfaithful and hire a private investigator who provides services to follow their husband / wife, in order to find out the truth, so come with us, a crew of qualified experts.

Another frequent situation is the need to:


Data suggests that the current recession has yielded an increase in homeless and runaway youth. Between 2008 and 2014, the National Runaway Switchboard saw a 250 percent increase in calls from youth indicating economic reasons for running away from home, and not only the common-vulnerable subjects are affected by this delicate situation, because not only childs and young women are victims, even men, no matter age or any particular condition. This issue is surrounded by many difficulties to the family, causing many emotional and even economic damages for the family and love ones.

Knowing how to find lost friends and family can be a simple way to help you rekindle an old relationship. And a private investigator at the Brickell area is just what you are need to discover where your friends or family members are.

Whether you are looking to catch up on old times, make new memories, or take advantage of the connection and networking opportunity that a reunion can give, you can easily find lost friends by contacting us. Our private investigators at the Brickell area will do their best to get you back in touch with your loved ones!

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