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private investigator: work in monroe county

The Wasser Agency always trying to give you the best advice and want you to know those particularities that surround the private investigators work in corporate investigations.

The private investigation field in Monroe County – Florida is a service with a high demand, especially in commercial companies and while there has been some research on the security guards which may incur facts that cause damage to the company, such as being accomplices in fraud. The companies have seen the necessity to hire the private investigator’s services in Monroe County – Florida, to gather evidence in order to incriminate those involved. 

Our Private Investigators Procedure:

In Monroe County - Florida, The Wasser Agency has a basic procedure the three-steps: 

  • First, our private investigators evaluates what makes the worker investigated.
  • Second, our private investigator finds the evidence of the facts.
  • Third our private investigators makes a detailed report of the case is done. 

This procedure is effective and it has been a 100% proved, in fact our private investigators have all the requirements and certifications that qualify them and of course The Wasser Agency as a solid serious company, because our Agency requires these legal aspects as well as moral values and professional ethics to all of our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida. The Wasser Agency is always thinking of the client behalf, so the first instruction to our private investigators is to get results as soon as possible to achieve the satisfaction of our clients. That is the reason why our private investigators are effective and clients of Monroe County – Florida prefer us.

The companies in Monroe County – Florida allow inside access to our private investigators, and there is where our private investigators can do the searching and compile evidence labor. The research method used by our private investigators was developed to find answers to the questions bellow. In order to obtain an overview of the organization.

  • Our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida, requested the organization and professional categories about the company staff. 
  • Our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida, conduct interviews with company workers.
  • Our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida, compile the information obtained in step 1 and 2 that will serve for the preparation of the case report on the company’s personal.

This allows our private investigators in Monroe County identify which areas deepen research, and design a search plan of action. Our private investigators dominate this three keys trends were identified. The introduction of no-fault divorce not proceeds in the state Florida, there is where our private investigators intervene as witnesses or help you with the compile evidence for your case.

Whatever your situation or crisis we are here to help you. Whether you are in Monroe County – Florida or anywhere in the US. Get in contact with one of our private investigators.

We are sure that our private investigators in Monroe County will amazed you and you will be delighted with the results we can achieve for you as private investigators in Monroe County – Florida. Utilizing the very latest state of the art technology and of course some of the most experienced male and female private investigators in the private eye industry, for example take a look of our work in some manners:

Domestic Investigations

The Wasser Agency has specialized private investigators in Monroe County - Florida just for domestic investigations, some of our services are:

  • Checking partner fidelity in personal relationships in Monroe County – Florida,
  • Abducted child recoveries in Monroe County – Florida,
  • Missing person inquiries in Monroe County – Florida. 

This basically involves, that our private investigators should get all the possible evidential supports to close a case, which complement will be part of the direct process service made for our private investigator all over Monroe County – Florida.

Most investigation work was not considered dangerous, especially if private investigators had good verbal skills. Process serving and debt recovery were seen as the most risky. 

Commercial inquiry

In Monroe County – Florida Commercial inquiry is a growing area of work for private investigators. Businesses are turning to private investigators in Monroe County – Florida to undertake electronic countermeasures, liability investigations, workplace investigations into theft or harassment, and preemployment checks in Monroe County – Florida. 

You need to have a skilled Private Investigator who actually understands your issue, call us today.

The Wasser Agency Private Investigators in Monroe County Florida offers you an option of both male and female Private Investigators - several of whom have been by way of exactly the same scenarios you are going by way of appropriate now.

But, what’s the Difference?

The terms “private investigators”, “inquiry agents” and “private agents” has been used generically and interchangeably in most instances. The result was that private investigators differ from agents commercial, because private investigators span multiple tasks and commercial investigators have more specialized tasks, which is why private investigators have more abilities and responsibilities of Private Investigators that commercial agents, this is the responsibility of the agencies in Monroe County – Florida, who most decide which research modality want to provide customers. 

The name: “private investigator” is preferred, in large part because most private investigators and process servers have an inquiry function in locating people, the agencies of private investigators must ensure reliable service within the state of Florida. Some of the legal issues examined here also apply to security officers generally, and to specific groups such as insurance “loss adjustors” and “store detectives”. The focus of this report, is on operators of private investigator’s service in Monroe County – Florida.

The service of private investigators has been the subject of an increasing clients demand in Monroe County – Florida, with an emerging profile of private investigators. It is clear that the service of private investigators has overtaken conventional public sector police to the extent that private investigators of security are the dominant source of crime and loss prevention services in most companies and specially in in Monroe County – Florida.


In response to this growth demand of services of private investigator’s agencies in the Monroe County – Florida, the private investigators themselves have been affected in a good way, because the private security agencies have to contract more private investigators and that is favorable for private investigators and for customers. 


This concern to the private security agency includes factors such as the affordability of private security in the Monroe County - Florida, but it can also extend to find highly skilled private investigators in different areas of the investigation, such as searching for missing persons or locating people involved in fraud in Monroe County – Florida. 

Private Investigators are not only faster and much more effective than the regular police services, and for The Wasser Agency they also should have a long list of certified skills. 

Therefore, the Wasser Agency provides many private investigators services with the best technology and trained personnel, such as: 

  • Criminal defence, with support evidence compile by our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida.
  • Intellectual property / trademark, explored and proof documented by our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida.
  • Our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida con help you discover: Competitor intelligence, Mystery shopping, Locating persons of interest, witnesses and missing persons.
  • Our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida can support your Litigation with the evidence required.  
  • Our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida can command Workplace theft investigation or even Detect listening devices hide in your office, or at home. 
  • Our private investigators in Monroe County – Florida have plenty experience with Surveillance, covert photography and Covert video surveillance.  
  • From family law matters, Infidelity – spouse cheating to child abduction, we have specialized private investigators in Monroe County – Florida. 

If you need to hire the services of the Wasser Agency private investigators, we are located in Monroe County – Florida, please contact us at: 305-278-8700 or visit us in: 13611 SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAYMIAMI, FLORIDA, 33176 or just write to our principal investigator to the email address:

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