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“Our private investigators offer a quality and discreet service of private investigation in Stock Island - Florida”

Human nature has two sides, and we all are exposed in a legal procedure to the bad behavior of any member of the jury, they can be tented for money, threats or any other circumstances, so if you want to be sure that your legal process is going through a clear path, it’s time to get the services of a private investigator on your side, there is a lot of work for a private investigator to prove there is an intention to harm the client.

In Stock Island – Florida, a criminal defendant’s right to an impartial jury is a bedrock principle of the criminal justice system. Indeed, the Constitution guarantees each criminal defendant not only has the right to a jury trial but also that citizens serving on the jury can’t be uninfluenced by external prejudices and preconceptions around the case. This has being a trouble situation for our criminal justice system, because to be able to guarantee an impartial jury for the criminal defendants is not an easy matter for the state.

“Jury misconduct is more common than most attorneys realize. In fact, a jury free of misconduct is the exception rather than the rule. That is why our competent private investigators are trained and certified, our private investigators are capable to effectively detect those situations and any other irregularities”.

However, the Wasser Agency’s count with experts private investigators to find incriminating evidence and any other needed supports for criminal attorneys to determinate if really exist a jury misconduct in Stock Island – Florida. That’s why we insist in our highly qualified private investigators to open in-depth investigations, particularly one that is conducted as soon as the trial begins, because that can provide to the criminal attorneys the evidence needed if there is a new trial to go through in Stock Island - Florida.

When our private investigators are initiating a detailed investigation around the possibility of a jury member misconduct in Stock Island – Florida. Our private investigators usually come back to simple questions, such as: 

  • Was the juror for some reason unable to impartially consider the facts?
  • Was he or she able to set aside his preconceived notions about criminal defendant's, crime, police, and the criminal justice system, and truly be an objective juror?

In the context of juror misconduct investigation in Stock Island – Florida. It is known that in a jury member should not exist any inclination of temperament or outlook; especially: a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment. In that case, it is also possible that any jury members can influence in others members; however, courts have defined two distinct types of bias: actual bias and implied bias.

What is Actual Bias?

Actual bias is defined as the existence of a state of mind on the part of the juror in reference to the case, which will prevent the juror from acting with entire impartiality, and without prejudice to the substantial rights of any party.

What is Implied Bias?

Implied bias exists on facts as ascertained, and in judgment of law disqualifies the juror. There are some grounds on which a challenge for implied bias may be taken, and they are known as:

  • Consanguinity or affinity within the fourth degree to any party.
  • Standing in the relation of, or being the parent, spouse, or child of one who stands in the relation of: guardian and ward, conservator and conservative, master and servant, employer and clerk, landlord and tenant, principal and agent, among others.
  • Interest on the part of the juror in the event of the action, or in the main question involved in the action.

Therefore, juror misconduct in Stock Island – Florida implies the law of the court is violated by a member of the jury while a court case is in progress or after it has reached a verdict. This is reason enough to contact our private investigators to start an investigation in Stock Island – Florida.

Communication by the jury with those outside of the trial/court case. Those on the outside include “witnesses, attorneys, bailiffs, or judges about the case”.

When the jury member brings outside evidence that they may have found themselves into the trial which has not been allowed by the judges or lawyers and is used to create bias on the part of the juror. This new information may be used to influence their final decision.

“Conducting assumptions regarding theories of the case outside the courts presence, is an effective way to influence in the decision, and is called a “bias”

Similarly, it is often that the jurors agree to comply with the laws and ethical and moral code, but some jurors may be influenced by other people and cause a jury misconduct in different ways. It is a delicate situation, which deserves a fair and honest jury, because there is a possibility that negatively polarize a jury and this plays a decisive role in creating other bias among jurors.

Our private investigators can conduct checks of juror misconduct in Stock Island - Florida. In practice, our private investigators recommend make a private investigation, in the case the results are not as good as expected, because it could be the fault of any juror who influence on others and affect the verdict decision.

There are some common forms of jury misconduct in Stock Island - Florida, which are shown below:

  • Our private investigators know that in some cases a member of the jury can hide or dismiss useful materials to help toward the decision during the trial and this is concern enough to start a private investigation in Stock Island - Florida.
  • Our private investigators know it is necessary to verify the degree of consanguinity between members of the jury and parties of the trial, as this can influence and be a concern to start a private investigation in Stock Island - Florida.
  • Our private investigators know that any juror could be subject to external information in order to influence the verdict sources and this a concern to start a private investigation in Stock Island - Florida.
  • Our private investigators know there are possibilities that the assumptions of some juror might be biased and this a concern to start a private investigation in Stock Island - Florida.
  • Our private investigators know that if there is a refusal to deliberate unwillingness by some juror it is time to get in contact with a private investigator in Stock Island - Florida.

“When the juror dishonesty is exposed by a private investigator, you can and must request for a new trial in Stock Island - Florida”

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