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Private investigator: The Leaders in Investigative’s Services At Sunny Isles Beach - Florida

The Wasser Agency offers the best service of private investigators in Sunny Isles Beach – Florida, our private services are synonymous of a trusted and reliable work. Today, we offer the extreme discretion and high quality research, because we have the highly prepare private investigators in Sunny Isles Beach - Florida. Our private investigators are specialized in video surveillance, accident investigations, worker's compensation, and personal injury, domestic and other varied investigation. We have the most advanced equipment in espionage in Sunny Isles Beach - Florida.

The Wasser Agency can provide you with from background checks to the most detailed product liability investigation and everything in between.

Below is a list of the types of investigations that The Wasser Agency can provide for you:

Divorce & domestic investigations, Accident Investigations, Surveillance Negligent Security/ Premises Liability, Bug Sweeps / Counter Surveillance, Photography - Aerial - Still - Video Recordings, Personal Protection / Bodyguard Detail, Product Liability, Plaintiff and Defense Investigations, GPS Tracking, Background Investigations, Special Service of Process, Arson Investigations, Jury Misconduct Investigations, Insurance Fraud, Criminal Defense Investigations, Litigation Support, Witness Statements, Industrial Investigations

Some private investigations may involve simply tracking a single employee; other research can be more complex. Because of this, The Wasser Agency has the best profile’s private investigators in Sunny Isles Beach, who may do the research you need. This information is important for citizens of Florida, who are interested in get a deal for the realization of a private investigation, especially in the Sunny Isles Beach.

If you have interest in find a private investigator in the Sunny Isles Beach, you may consider The Wasser Agency’s private investigators in Florida. Whether you plan to investigate someone, we are your best choice, remember that only professionals should take care of your business, and our agency has 30 years of experience in Florida. Our private investigators go through a hard selection process, and we pick the most qualified candidates in order to provide confidentiality and seriousness to our labor. All of these particular matters make us leaders in private investigator’s services in Sunny Isles Beach – Florida. 

For those who are uncertain about spousal or partner fidelity, have child custody disputes in the Sunny Isles Beach - Florida, or maybe are in search for a missing person in the Sunny Isles Beach - Florida, perhaps you require background checks on employees in the Sunny Isles Beach - Florida, or require assistance with other civil or criminal matters in the Sunny Isles Beach – Florida. The Wasser Agency is the best option to hire private investigator’s services in the Sunny Isles Beach – Florida.

In some cases your fears may be unfounded and in other cases we’ll provide a written report that confirms your suspicions. In each and every case you can be assured of our utmost professionalism, sensitivity and discretion. The Wasser Agency guarantees complete knowledgeable and qualified private investigators on charge, fully certified private investigators for all situations. The costs will be dependent on the number of private investigators involved and whether, due to the nature of the enquiries, other private investigators or sub-contractors may be required.

At all times our private investigators commit to provide an honest service at a fair price, always giving the genuine value to our clients. Our service of private investigators is for those who are uncertain about spousal or partner fidelity, have child custody disputes, are searching for missing persons, require background checks on employees, or require assistance with other civil or criminal matters. The Wasser Agency is your solution to investigate in Sunny Isles Beach, contact us to begin the process of assignment a private investigator according to your needs.

The Wasser Agency finds answers to your most pressing questions, and gives evidence for you to act, in another way, has the ability to track individuals through various different media. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of our private investigators. We are your best choice of private research to work on finding answers and uncover evidence in the Sunny Isles Beach - Florida. Whatever conclusions are found, you will be able to move forward with closure and peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about the investigative services offered by The Wasser Agency. If you have any questions, please get in contact with us, by calling to the: 305-278-8700, our agency is located at the 13611 South Dixie Highway Miami, FL, 33176, or write to our principal private investigator’s email address: 

Be sure, that we will be more than happy to discuss your case and handle your issues.